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Nicki Minaj files defamation lawsuit against blogger over drug allegation

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has filed a defamation lawsuit against a blogger over a drug allegation.

Judd Burstein, an attorney for the Super Bass rapper, submitted documents to a New York court on Wednesday in which he claimed that the woman allegedly behind the @noseyheauxlive social media account, Marley Green, “outrageously” stated in a video posted on Monday that Minaj was a “coke head” and had been “shoving in all this cocaine up her nose”.

“In a different age, Green’s lie would have been meaningless,” he stated in the lawsuit. “While social media is an extraordinarily effective vehicle for spreading lies… it does not confer a license to do so.”

In addition, Burstein alleged Green was “acting as a proxy” for one of Minaj’s rivals.

“Green has been acting as a proxy for another performer who, mistakenly believing that she and Plaintiff are stars of equal stature, has repeatedly used other social media intermediaries in a hopeless effort to advance her career at Plaintiff’s expense,” the lawyer continued.

Minaj, 38, has denied ever using cocaine. She is seeking $75,000 (£65,000) in damages.

Green has not yet officially responded to the lawsuit.

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