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Nicole Kidman shares skincare products with Keith Urban

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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman often shares a little bit of her skincare products with husband Keith Urban.

In a beauty tutorial for Harper’s Bazaar, the Nine Perfect Strangers actress detailed her evening beauty regime and noted that she abides by a “less is more” approach.

However, Nicole also divulged that country music star Keith will sometimes swipe some of her formulas.

“He’ll use sometimes a little bit of oil or a little bit of whatever I’ve got. But he happens to have that skin is really, really sturdy and is just great skin. And he goes out in the sun… and he still has great skin,” she said. “I go out in the sun because I love running and swimming but I cover myself usually in zinc – you can get clear zinc now – and I always wear sunscreen.”

As for her nightly routine, Nicole washes her face with Sera Labs’ Clarity Foaming Cleanser before applying a few drops of Sera Labs’ Seratopical Radiant Glow Facial Oil and gently massaging it in. She then adds a little of Philip B’s Rejuvenating Oil to her famous red locks, before tying her hair into a loose braid.

“Then, I put in my hair oil. Because my hair is so curly, if it’s straightened, that oil is excellent. It makes me feel like I can sleep without it getting knotted,” the 54-year-old continued. “I’m very much about less is more now, particularly as I get older. And also, having kids, I can’t be bothered with (complicated skincare routines).”

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