Nicolle Wallace out at ‘The View’
Colleen Lindstrom

Nicolle Wallace out at ‘The View’

Nicolle Wallace, the lone conservative voice in “The View’s” wilderness is wrapping up her short tenure on the show after this season. The revolving door of “The View” hosts will spit her out after producers decided that she does not argue with the other hosts enough and doesn’t know enough about current celebrity culture.


Didn’t they hire her because her thing was to not be an argumentative conservative? And didn’t they hire her because of her political perspective, and not her ability to spit out Kardashian factoids at every turn?

The show, after all, is called “The View.” I have always taken that to mean that it was a table full of interesting women with their own viewpoint. Nicolle Wallace is interesting, calm, smart, direct, and has a subtle bite to her.

But it seems the producers didn’t like her “view.”

This is unfortunate. Nicolle Wallace was probably the best choice they have made in hosts for a while. Possibly since the original panel.

Just one more sign that “The View” should be on its way out.



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