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Niecy Nash calls on lawmakers to take action after Nashville school shooting

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Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash wept for the victims of the Nashville school shooting on Monday, 30 years after her brother died in a similar tragedy.

Three children and three adults were killed when a gunwoman opened fire in an elementary school in Nashville on Monday, sparking an outpouring of grief and outrage from celebrities on social media.

Scream Queens star Niecy responded by posting an emotional video on TikTok in which she highlighted how little has changed since her brother Michael Ensley died aged 17 in a school shooting in California in February 1993.

“In 1993, my only brother was killed on his high school campus because somebody brought a gun to school,” she said through tears. “It’s 2023, and (there are) babies who will never make it home to see their parents. And those parents will forever be in a place where they’re like, ‘What was the last thing I said? What was the last lunch I made? What was their last thought (or) experience? Did they call out for me?'”

She argued that Tennessee politicians are more concerned with restricting public drag shows and banning Critical Race Theory (CRT) from schools than changing firearms laws.

“Some political groups are so focused on the wrong thing that our children are dying. And there ain’t no coming back from that… Not even a little bit,” she continued. “I am so sorry. And my prayers go out to those families, ’cause it’s a pain that I don’t wish on nobody. School is the one place where children should be safe.”

Elsewhere, Frozen actor Josh Gad wrote an impassioned statement on Instagram about the number of shootings in the U.S. in 2023.

“There have been 140 mass shootings in America and it is March. When does this madness end? How are books being banned and not assault weapons?” he wrote. “When do we say enough? When are we going to be angry enough to say our children shouldn’t have to fear every day at school being their last? When will it f**kng end?”

Also, actress/singer Jana Kramer assured her followers that the tragedy didn’t occur at her children’s school and that they were safe. However, the incident has hit “too close to home”.

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