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Nikki Glaser dedicates The Masked Singer performance to late friend Bob Saget

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Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser paid tribute to the late Bob Saget during her performance on The Masked Singer on Thursday.

During the reality show’s semi-finals, the comedian, under disguise as Snowstorm, revealed that all of her performances had been for Squiggly Monster, the costume Bob wore on the show in 2020.

After she was unmasked on the show, Nikki spoke to HollywoodLife about honouring her late friend by signing up for the series.

“It was awesome because I just want to keep his memory alive,” she shared. “It’ll be a year in January since he passed, and I think everyone when he died kind of realised the impact he had on different people that you would have never known even knew him and how special he was… I just really felt him in the room that night.”

The TV personality then revealed that the “last conversation” she had with Bob before his death in January this year was about The Masked Singer.

“I knew how much he loved it. I kind of talked to him in my head backstage and was just like, ‘Bob, I’m doing it. This is so silly. Wish me luck. Let’s just have fun,'” Nikki recalled. “I just felt like he was there and just helped me get through it.”

She added, “We should all be so lucky to have people talking about us the way people talk about Bob posthumously. He was so special.”

The Full House actor passed away on 9 January aged 65 after suffering blunt head trauma from an accidental blow to the back of his head.

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