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Noah Hawley wants Fargo series to end after fifth season

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Noah Hawley

Fargo creator Noah Hawley wants to wrap up the hit crime drama series with a fifth and final season.

The writer has yet to confirm a deal with bosses at U.S. network FX for another season of the anthology series, but he is starting to work out a storyline for what he envisions will serve as the show finale.

Asked if there will be a fifth run of Fargo, Hawley told Vanity Fair, “Yeah, I think so.”

“I don’t have it yet,” he shared of the plot. “I have pieces that will have to survive. They’re not connected. I think it would be good to create an ending, and deliberately come to something, knowing it’s the last one and see how one might wrap up this anthology.”

It’s not yet clear when a new run of episodes will be ready to shoot, but Hawley is known for taking his time to develop ideas, having previously made fans wait three years in between seasons three and four, which starred Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman and premiered last year.

Fargo is inspired by the cult 1996 Coen Brothers movie of the same name.

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