Norm MacDonald explains Eddie Murphy’s absence from SNL sketch
Colleen Lindstrom

Norm MacDonald explains Eddie Murphy’s absence from SNL sketch

SNL veteran Norm MacDonald took to Twitter Wednesday night and tweeted an epic 110 tweets chronicling the experience of SNL 40 which aired on Sunday night to record ratings.

Within the 1900 word tale, he explains why we did not see Eddie Murphy in one of the most talked about sketches of the evening, Celebrity Jeopardy. Norm MacDonald co-wrote the script for that sketch and was charged with the task of convincing Eddie Murphy to appear in the sketch doing his impression of Bill Cosby. The part eventually went to Kenan Thompson.

However, in Norm MacDonald’s words:

Honestly, and I’m  not really proud of this, I have two opposing reactions upon hearing this story. First of all, I appreciate the fact that Eddie Murphy has standards. I respect that he puts himself aside and makes a conscious and thoughtful choice about the person who he is impersonating. That shows a depth of character that I hold valuable.

But my second thought is this, there have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 accusers that have alleged that Bill Cosby drugged them and raped them. Sexually assaulted them. Took their dignity. And we’re worried about HIS dignity? Kicking HIM while HE is down? I know, I know, innocent until proven guilty, let the justice system do it’s part, etc. etc. But I can’t help feeling like this is a complex web of cover ups and good PR that has kept Bill Cosby safe for so many years, and the notion that someone is concerned with his dignity is a tough pill to swallow for me.

But kudos to Norm MacDonald for making that story known. It really is worth perusing the entire saga on his Twitter stream.





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