Nothing says Thanksgiving in Minnesota like grapes…?
Bradley Traynor

Nothing says Thanksgiving in Minnesota like grapes…?


The New York Times thinks the dish that best represents Minnesota this Thanksgiving is grape salad. 

Grapes. Salad. Do either of these words make you think of Minnesota?

No, they make you think of California.

Dear New York Times, are you drunk?

The dish and a recipe for it is part of a piece called “The United States of Thanksgiving.” The paper claims to have “scoured the nation for recipes that evoke each of the 50 states (and D.C. and Puerto Rico).”

Perhaps they scoured the wrong nation?

According to the Times, the recipe “comes from a Minnesota-born heiress, who tells me it was always part of the holiday buffet in her family.”

Apparently, “scour” is Times-speak for “ran into some rich lady at a cocktail party.”

If Facebook is any judge, countless actual Minnesotans were more than perplexed at the selection of this heretofore unheard of recipe.

Because you know what I think of when I think of Minnesota in November: Grapes. -Tara Z.

Bougie -Frank H.

That ain’t no Minnesota food. Maybe Iowa -Tod K.

What say you? What do you think would best represent Minnesota on the nation’s Thanksgiving dinner table?



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