Nyle DiMarco should win ‘Dancing With The Stars’
Colleen Lindstrom

Nyle DiMarco should win ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Let’s talk about the most important thing about dance, stay on the rhythm and keep moving. That’s the most basic instruction, keep time, and keep moving. Even if your technique isn’t on point, rhythm and movement are the two most important things.

Nyle DiMarco has managed to stay on rhythm every week without the benefit of hearing. He is deaf. He cannot even hear the rhythm, and yet, his body keeps time better than most.

So, last night, when he and Peta threw another limitation at Nyle, and had him dance blindfolded, it was amazing.

To literally rob someone of two of their vital senses and charge them with the task of continuing to dance beautifully, it was astounding.

This man is graceful, handsome, positive, and positively amazing, and frankly, all my money is on him to win the mirror ball trophy!




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