O-Town was in OUR town Tuesday night
Colleen Lindstrom

O-Town was in OUR town Tuesday night

Remember O-Town? The boy band from that popular reality show in 2000, “Making the Band?”

Well, they’re doing that thing that all the boy bands are doing these days, they have reunited.

The group was assembled through an audition process that was chronicled on the reality TV show “Making the Band,” and enjoyed success for a few years following the show. They broke up after their second album in 2003, among other reasons, to wiggle out of their record contract which was very confining.

Now, 14 years after they were united, they are back together with a new album, “Lines & Circles” a nod to the process they have experienced, walking in their own lines and circling back to be together again.

They stopped by the Colleen and Bradley show on Tuesday in advance of their Tuesday night performance downtown and Mill City Nights, and they proved to be a fun bunch of really warm, down to earth guys. They were even gracious upon realizing that we had completely forgotten that we had scheduled an interview with them until they literally showed up in the studio.

I had a chance to catch up with them again backstage before their performance, and we all had a good laugh again at our snafu.

I meant to ask them why their fifth bandmate, Ashley Parker Angel hadn’t joined the reunion, but it never felt appropriate. Ashley sort of seems like the Justin Timberlake of O-Town. He had a moderately successful solo career following the break up of O-Town and MTV granted him his very own reality show, but I don’t have any sense of what he’s doing now. He was decidedly the heart-throb of the group, but they make no mention of him off-stage or on.

The crowd was full of thirty something women (and perhaps 5 guys, I counted) all of whom knew every lyric of every song. They did a mix of their old stuff from their early 2000’s albums, and new stuff from “Lines & Circles.” Now in their 30s themselves, the guys kept the energy up, did some of the old choreography, and generally played with the crowd. A lot.

For a bunch of guys who played the Target Center on their last trip to Minneapolis they were genuinely excited to be hanging out in an intimate club with some real fans who were giving back all the love O-Town was putting out.

O-Town, you can come back anytime!




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