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Octavia Spencer watches true crime to wind down after work

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Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer has watched and listened to “hundreds” of true crime shows.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Hidden Figures star discussed her love for the genre.

Octavia confirmed that she consumes a “vast” quantity of true crime, adding that she has watched and listened to “hundreds” of episodes of true crime TV shows and podcasts.

“I don’t love murder, I like solving them,” the 53-year-old replied when the talk show host jokingly asked why she loves murder. “I like feeling like I’m bringing something to a resolution, even though I’m not involved in the (case).”

“I like getting the bad guy,” the actress added.

Octavia then explained that real crime is more appealing to her because “you’re getting real bad guys, you know, there’s a part of me sometimes when I get off work, I have to solve a mystery before, that’s the way to dial the brain down.”

When Jimmy asked if the crime stories affect her, she noted that she has become “aware” but not “suspicious”.

Elsewhere in the interview, the talk show host asked the actress whether she thinks she could get away with murder.

“No, I wouldn’t want to get away with killing somebody,” she replied.

Octavia then jokingly pointed out, “I talk too much and criminals who think they’re smarter than the cops talk too much and they get, you know, that’s how they get caught.”

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