Off-air at myTalk: Manuary keeps heating up
Colleen Lindstrom

Off-air at myTalk: Manuary keeps heating up

We are less than 24 hours from the crowning of Mr. Manuary 2016, and stuff behind the scenes at myTalk has gotten real heated.

Wednesday afternoon, team CoBra formed a brilliant alliance with Lori and Julia in an effort to bump Justin Baldoni, and consequently, Team JaLexis out of the race. It almost worked, save for the 600 (give or take) votes that bumped Team CoBra pick, Nick Stalock out of the running.

Today, during Colleen and Bradley, Jason stopped by in a break, while he was chatting with the Co and the Bra, Lori joined the party and this behind the scenes moment happened.


So, in case you’re keeping track, we are a station divided, Jason and Alexis, and Donna, Marley, and Tam are rooting for Justin Baldoni, while LoJ and CoBra are rooting for MN man, Danny Suelter.

Meanwhile, Justin Baldoni, a true class act, has spoken. He realizes that Danny Suelter (Team LoJ’s finalist, and true Minnesotan) has the power to earn the most money for the same charity. Both finalists are playing for Children’s Cancer Research Fund, and Danny Suelter’s employer, The Saloon, is vowing to contribute $2000 to match the winnings to CCRF. That means, if Danny wins, $4000 goes to CCRF, plus the $500 for the runner up. If Justin Baldoni wins, only $2500 goes to CCRF. A vote for Danny is a vote to help cure cancer in children. And Justin knows that:

I love Manuary!




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