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Offset reveals story behind Jamie Lee Curtis’ Jealousy video cameo

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Offset has revealed how Jamie Lee Curtis came to appear in his and wife Cardi B’s Jealousy music video.

The Open It Up rapper, 31, recounted the story during an interview with Good Morning America on Monday.

“Jamie Lee Curtis is a real one,” the rapper began of the Halloween star. “So how that happened is, I DM’d Jamie Lee Curtis on Instagram and said, ‘Yo, I got an idea, I would love to work with you.’ She wrote me back so quick, and she’s like, ‘Yeah I got you, but you need to follow me.’ So that’s how I knew she was cool.”

In the video, released on 28 July, the Oscar-winning actress starred as a news anchor interrogating Offset – dressed as James Brown – about his relationship drama with Cardi B.

“I told her the idea, and she was ready to do it,” Offset added.

As reported by Billboard, the project was a spoof on an interview James gave CNN after his 1988 arrest.

Since its release on YouTube, the music video has amassed over 11 million views.

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