Oh Kim, embrace the paste!
Colleen Lindstrom

Oh Kim, embrace the paste!

I came across this picture of Kim Kardashian from her instagram last night while I was relaxing and starting to think about going to sleep, and it really bugged me. Not in the way that Kim Kardashian posts usually bug me, like “why are you a thing?” type of annoying. It was very specifically the caption that bugged me.

I need a tan

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“I need a tan.”

And all my fellow Nordic sisters say… “yikes.”

I’ll speak for myself (and perhaps you’ll relate), my whole life, this sentiment has bugged me. Like a tan is something you NEED. In the way that you need water, or food, or heat. Like you can’t possibly be beautiful without one. For those of us who literally canNOT tan (meaning that our skin does not tan – it only burns) the sentiment “I need a tan” just stings. And I can only imagine that for those who have tanned too much in their lifetime and suffered diseases as a result, this sentiment is equally irritating.

No, girl, you don’t NEED a tan. You are just fine. Whatever color you come in, you are just fine. You are a beautiful woman. Embrace that. You may not always feel that way, that’s cool, nobody feels beautiful ALL the time. But embrace the paste, you’re perfect just the way you are!



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