Olive Garden gives us carb-laden hope!
Bradley Traynor

Olive Garden gives us carb-laden hope!

Olive Garden is bringing something back to their menu that might just get me back in a booth at the Olive Garden. And a whole lot of other people too. Considering the chain’s three-year sales decline, this might just be the golden ticket they’ve been hoping for.

The golden brown ticket, that is.

Beginning June 1st, Olive Garden is taking their big fat, beautiful breadsticks and MAKING SANDWICHES out of them. You heard me, sandwiches! Meatball and chicken parmigiana sammies will grace the lunch menu for a ridiculously reasonable price and, best of all, they’ll come with unlimited… breadsticks.

I’ve avoided Olive Garden in large part because it’s a huge carb fest and I’ve taken the Tour of Italy more times than my waistline would like to admit. Still, I love cheat days and THIS is right up my cheat day alley.

I mean, look at the pictures.



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