Oliver Hudson always knew when his mum and Kurt Russell were having sex
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Oliver Hudson always knew when his mum and Kurt Russell were having sex

Oliver Hudson’s mum Goldie Hawn and her longtime partner Kurt Russell used a code word to let their children know they were having sex.

The actor grew up in a very free-spirited household, where few people wore clothes, and when Goldie and Kurt needed a little alone time they told Oliver and his sister Kate they were “snuggling”.

“We used to get calls on the intercom, like, from my mom: ‘We’re snuggling now’. Snuggling meaning, ‘We’re like, you know, bop, bop, bop,” he told U.S. late night show Busy Tonight on Tuesday (27Nov18). “The problem is we were, like, six, and they didn’t have to do this, but so now snuggling became having sex. So now it’s like, ‘We’re snuggling,’ trying to sort of say, ‘Don’t come in our bedroom.’ We knew what was happening.”

Oliver insists his family’s tradition didn’t pass down to him, but he and his wife Erinn Bartlett have to sneak away to find time for intimacy because of their three children.

“We just, like, go for it,” he said. “It’s tough, you know, when you’re parents. Quickies are really a thing, you know, because the kids are downstairs, you only have a couple of minutes. She’s in her closet getting changed, and as a man I’m like, ‘Hey…’ Literally, I go from human being to some other creature just (from) seeing nudity.”

During the interview, Oliver also reflected on the eclectic parties his parents would throw with their extremely famous friends, and the questionable people he invited.

“It was a mix of crazy people,” he adds. “I used to get in fights with my sister (Kate Hudson) about it because I wanted to invite riff raff, because you need riff raff to make a party great… So it was, like, Tom Cruise and, like, Tom Hanks… and then I had, like, the Malibu cocaine dealer come to my house… And it made the party… Those parties were epic.”

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