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Olivia Wilde accuses Jason Sudeikis of trying to ‘litigate her into debt’ amid custody battle

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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has accused her ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis of trying to “litigate her into debt” in their ongoing custody battle.

The Ted Lasso star previously filed paperwork asking for the custody case to be moved to New York from California, but New York magistrate Adele Alexis Harris ruled in Wilde’s favour and rejected his request on Thursday.

According to TMZ, the judge ruled, “The Court finds that it is in the interest of substantial justice that the parties’ child support petition be heard in California.”

In paperwork filed ahead of a Los Angeles hearing on Friday, Wilde’s lawyers accused Sudeikis of putting her into debt with the litigation.

“While Jason can afford to spin his wheels with filing after filing, Olivia cannot,” they wrote, reports the Daily Mail. “Jason seems intent on throwing whatever he can against the wall to see what will stick, and this Request for Order seeking a stay of the California Parentage action is just the latest example.”

“Jason should not be permitted to litigate Olivia into debt, and then claim she should be deprived of her right to seek a needs-based fee contribution from him,” they continued, adding that the Don’t Worry Darling director is “aware that he is far wealthier than she is”.

Wilde is fighting for their children – Otis, eight, and Daisy, six – to remain in California, while Sudeikis wants them to live in Brooklyn. She argued that Daisy has never attended school in the Big Apple, while Otis only went to a semester of kindergarten there.

In her filing, the former House star claimed that she has been blindsided by her ex’s request.

“We were scheduled to start working with a family therapist in California in mid-January. I thought things were calming down and were going to move forward in a more amicable, respectful fashion,” Wilde alleged. “Instead I learned… that the entire time I was negotiating the parenting time schedule in California (Sudeikis) was plotting to proceed with the New York Child Support proceeding behind my back.”

According to TMZ, the hearing on Friday has been cancelled.

Wilde and Sudeikis were in a relationship between November 2011 and November 2020.

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