On this day in history: The last episode of ‘90210’ airs!
Bradley Traynor

On this day in history: The last episode of ‘90210’ airs!

Sixteen years ago today, the very last episode of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ aired. Sixteen years ago. God, you’re old. ­čÖé

The show had a healthy ten year run with a star-studded cast. Anyone over the age of 30 basically grew up with Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, David, Donna, Steve and Andrea.

Cast members came and went, but the stories endured and the show continues to endure as a genuine classic.

In case you don’t remember the series finale, here’s how IMDB describes it:

In the two-hour series final, David and Donna announce their engagement in which all of their friends rush to give them the perfect wedding with Donna’s mother, Felice, and Kelly’s mother, Jackie, taking over the arrangements and Nat catering for the ceremony and agreeing to escort Donna down the church aisle. Meanwhile, Steve asks Janet to help him form their own publishing company so they both can have time for baby Maddie. Noah returns to Ellen and tells her that he has decided to give their relationship a second chance. At Donna’s pre-wedding party, Kelly, Janet, Felice and Jackie are in attendance as well as friends from their past who include West Beverly High principal Mrs. Yvonne Teasley, as well as Andrea Zuckerman and even Valerie Malone. At David’s bachelor party, Steve, Noah, Dylan, Nat, and David’s father Mel attend the gathering as well as Steve’s stepbrother Ryan and former KEG fraternity brother Munz, except for Brandon Walsh who sends his regards to everyone via videotape. The day of the wedding goes without a hitch and at the end, Matt shows up briefly to tell Kelly that he has decided to move back to New York, and she goes back to try to renew her relationship with Dylan.




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