Once is Absolutely Fabulous!
Alexis Thompson

Once is Absolutely Fabulous!

I saw Once last night at the State Theatre.  And simply, I loved it.

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The cast of 12 is remarkable. I can imagine this production is hard to cast.  You need to find an actor who can play an instrument, sing and dance or a musician who can act and dance.

The music is raw and heartrending.  I fought back tears a few times.  And at the same time there were many laugh out loud moments.

It’s a story about an Irish musician who wants to give up, even leaves his guitar at the local bar after he sings a ballad about a lover who moved to New York City.  A young Czech woman hears him and ultimately inspires him to pick it back up and share his gift.

The staging is minimal, but effective with lighting and reflections.  The actors rarely left the stage; when they weren’t in a scene, they sat to the side with their instruments often joined in.

I didn’t have much context plot-wise.  I haven’t seen the movie (although plan to now), but did know it’s a favorite among friends.  I can see why it won 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical.

I would recommend this to anyone; my husband Angel thought the cast was incredible, but found it slow at times and hard to understand their accents.

Once is playing at the State Theatre through Sunday, June 28th. Ticket information here.


Have you seen it? Love it too?





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