The one thing I can’t stand about Legion on FX
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The one thing I can’t stand about Legion on FX

I’ve been watching one of the buzziest shows of 2017, Legion on FX, but there is one thing I can’t get past at this time: the little yellow eyed demon monster man!

What is he and what purpose does he serve?

The show itself has not explained this yet, making his constant presence very jarring in contrast with the rest of the show.

He reminds of the loss of mystery one experiences upon actually seeing a monster or alien in a show, because it takes away from whatever picture one has created in their mind. The same is true for book to film adaptations.

I looked a little bit further into this though, and there are some explanations for our random, Humpty Dumpty demon:

  1. He is inspired by an X-Men villain. Legion is inspired by the X-Men comic book series, though creator Noah Hawley has said that few if any actual X-Men characters will appear on the show. He could be harkening back to the X-Men villains of Mojo or the Shadow King, both of whom he resembles.
  2. He is a figment of David’s imagination. He could just be a product of David’s imagination. This is fitting because sometimes David is the only person who can see him.
  3. David created him, and he is real. We don’t know the extent of David’s powers, and actually creating someone could be one of them.

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Humpty Dumpty. Given his strong and weird presence already, I hope that’s a lot.

What do you think of Legion and the demon?




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