One woman’s earring discovery is blowing everyone’s minds!
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One woman’s earring discovery is blowing everyone’s minds!

Redheaded Teenage Girl

You know how some earring backs look like this:

And others look like this:

Well it turns out the ones that look like this:

DON’T NEED TO HAVE THE PLASTIC ON THEM! Ok so maybe it’s not actually that dramatic, but the following Twitter revelation went viral yesterday because people are freaking out after realizing that you can actually remove the plastic part of an earring if you want to:

I don’t think Chelsea is exactly right, because you aren’t necessarily supposed to remove the plastic part. The plastic part provides stability for an earring that might otherwise droop.

The revolutionary idea is that we CAN pop the plastic part off.

I have one ear that somehow gets infected by a lot of earrings (yes, only one?), and upon discovering this girl’s tweet, I easily popped the plastic off the earring back in order to avoid as much contact as possible between the earring and my ear. We’ll see if it works.

It seems that if you have problems with allergies or you often wear studs, this girl’s realization could be a pretty useful little tip 😉

How do you wear your earrings?




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