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Oprah Winfrey refused to take Ozempic for weight loss

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Oprah Winfrey has shared her thoughts on the Ozempic craze.

The former talk show personality recently hosted a panel titled The Life You Want Class: The State of Weight, where she and a trio of specialists discussed the obesity and weight crisis.

“Shouldn’t we all just be more accepting of whatever body you choose to be in? That should be your choice,” Winfrey, 69, pondered when the discussion turned to the controversial weight-loss drug, Ozempic.

“Even when I first started hearing about the weight-loss drugs, at the same time I was going through knee surgery, and I felt, ‘I’ve got to do this on my own.’ Because if I take the drug, that’s the easy way out,” she said, reports People.

Winfrey also explained that she was “shamed in the tabloids every week about for 25 years” for “not having the willpower” when it came to her weight-loss journey.

Ozempic has been a hot topic in Hollywood of late, with many stars revealing they have taken the controversial drug.

Sharon Osbourne, who lost almost 14 kilograms after using the drug earlier this year, claimed that taking the medication should not be considered a “dirty little secret”.

Comedians Amy Schumer and Tracy Morgan have also admitted to using Ozempic, a once-weekly injectable medication designed to help adults with type 2 diabetes.

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