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Ozzy Osbourne refused to perform after Sharon Osbourne threw out his painkillers

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Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne caused a riot in Ohio in the ’90s by refusing to perform after Sharon Osbourne threw out his stash of painkillers.

During Tuesday’s episode of The Osbournes Podcast, Jack Osbourne recalled the night the Black Sabbath rocker pulled out of a performance at the last minute at the Polaris Amphitheater in Columbus, Ohio in 1997. Concertgoers responded by trashing the venue, leading to police in riot gear being called in to tame the chaos.

“(Sharon) tossed out your Vicodin stash and you went f**king nuts,” Jack recalled. “(She) found your stash, tossed it, I remember, we were sat on the runway with Mike Bordin, it was (Robert) Trujillo… was it Joe Holmes? And (Ozzy) was refusing to get off the plane and we were sat there for hours. And the phone (was like), ‘Hey, they’re getting really p**sed off here.'”

The 37-year-old TV personality recalled that the organisers of the Ozzfest show kept calling to ask if the rocker would take to the stage.

“I have a memory of him screaming and punching the side of the plane,” Jack remembered. “(He was like), ‘I’m not getting off this f**king plane!’ As the time would tick on, ‘Hey, they’re getting really crazy here, is he coming on or not?’ Then it would be like, ‘OK, they’re starting to rip up the chairs.’ It just got worse with every phone call.

“They flipped the (display) cars (in the venue), they burned the cars, the place was destroyed, riot police had to come in. You just didn’t want to go to work that day.”

At the time, it was reported that Ozzy, 74, was unable to perform due to ill health. He returned for a rescheduled show the following month.

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