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Pamela Anderson will ‘never watch’ TV series Pam & Tommy

Pamela Anderson Visits Good Morning America in a Chic White Dress
Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has “no desire” to ever watch the TV series, Pam & Tommy.

Released last year, the Hulu miniseries chronicled the marriage between the Baywatch actress and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, as played by Lily James and Sebastian Stan, during the period in which their unauthorised sex tape was released in 1995.

As part of her upcoming Netflix documentary Pamela, a Love Story, according to a preview obtained by The Mirror, Pamela was asked for her reaction to the news that the difficult period in her life was to be portrayed in Pam & Tommy.

In response, the Hollywood star revealed she had been experiencing “nightmares”.

“It really gives me nightmares. I didn’t sleep last night at all,” she admitted. “I have no desire to watch it, not going to watch it. I never watched the tape. I’m not going to watch this. Nobody really knows what we were going through at that time.”

In addition, Pamela argued producers should have “had to have my permission” to make the programme, and claimed hearing about the concept triggered many memories.

“I blocked that out of my life I had to in order to survive really, it was a survival mechanism. And now that it’s all coming up again,” the 55-year-old continued. “This feels like when the tape was stolen. Basically, you’re just a thing owned by the world like you belong to the world.”

Previously, British actress Lily claimed she had reached out to Pamela in the run-up to the production of Pam & Tommy but Anderson refused to return her calls.

Pamela, a Love Story is set to drop via Netflix on 31 January.

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