Parents, we must put a stop to this
Colleen Lindstrom

Parents, we must put a stop to this

Have you heard the viral sensation, Baby Shark? If not, listen at your own risk, and guard your mind, because it will get trapped:

Well, Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for a set of Baby Shark toys that will sing the song while your child plays with them.  Not included: noise canceling headphones and Advil.

No, this is the last thing your child needs, parents. We must put a stop to this. Our collective sanity depends on it. We have enough of those toys that make songs that haunt our dreams. We do not need to add this one to the list.

Save yourself. (And if you are a person without kids, who loves a person with small children, don’t even THINK of being THAT person who gives the kid the annoying toy that their parents won’t give them. This is for the greater good.)



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