Paris Hilton has a cooking show now. That’s hot?
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Paris Hilton has a cooking show now. That’s hot?

Arguably, Paris Hilton is one of the first 21st century celebrity influencers.

Paris has been a model, reality TV show star, celebrity DJ and international beauty brand. So of course, Paris wants to get in on making original YouTube content. On her YouTube channel, Paris has shared her ride getting pimped, tried on Halloween costumes and showed some love to her fans (#LittleHiltons).

Not one to shy away from trying on a trend for attention and money, Paris is the latest celebrity to go foodie. So she’s starting her own cooking show. Sure, OK.

In her first episode, Paris is making her famous lasagna. She hasn’t made it in a while and she hasn’t cooked in this kitchen before, but those are just details.

We’re actually quite charmed by Paris’ culinary venture. It’s oddly mesmerizing.

Listen to us talk about it:


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