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Paris Hilton has hired seven pet mediums amid search for missing dog

When: 20 Sep 2022

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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has hired seven pet mediums in a bid to help her find her missing dog Diamond Baby.

Last month, the reality TV star took to social media to share that her chihuahua had disappeared from her Beverly Hills home while she was at a photoshoot.

Paris urged anyone with information to come forward and offered a $10,000 (£8,800) reward for returning her beloved pet.

On Monday, the entrepreneur returned to her Instagram Stories to update fans and revealed that she had hired a variety of pet mediums amid the search.

“I miss my diamond baby so much it hurts. I know she’s alive out there somewhere!” she wrote. “I have spoken to 7 credible pet mediums/communicators that all say she is alive & that someone has her. So that gives me hope (sad emoji). And at this point, Hope is the only thing getting through.”

Paris went on to note that she considered raising the reward, but was urged not to by her security team.

“For those of you asking, I was about to raise price of reward to a crazy number but my security team said not to because that would put my other dogs & myself in danger as they might become targets for the sick creep that might try and kidnap them for reward (sic),” the 41-year-old continued. “Sad to me that we even have to worry about something like that but unfortunately there are some real messed up people in this world.”

To conclude, Paris begged her followers to “keep an eye out for my little girl”.

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