Passing Notes: Steph Hansen as Meghan
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Passing Notes: Steph Hansen as Meghan

Dawn kept all of the notes she received in high school. We have the myTalk players (voices you know and love) voicing her friends and boyfriends!

11/20 Passing Notes: Stephanie Hansen as Meghan

11/6 Passing Notes: Donna (and her out-takes) as Sarah

10/30 Passing Notes: Ginny from Chicag and a little Halloween trick or treat!

10/23 Passing Notes: Kiki, Dawn’s frenemy and voiced by Holly Roberts, is back with cartoons! Yep! This one has drawings; who will Dawn go to the dance with?

10/16 Passing Notes: skater boy PJ’s last letter with Ginny from Chicag’s LOL commentary!

10/2 Passing Notes: Mimsy’s back voiced by Julia!

9/25 Passing Notes: Sarah voiced by Donna Valentine is back…and a history lesson!

9/18 Passing Notes: Shannon Handworker voiced by Ms. Shannan at it again!

Shannon’s back with a note about a nice boy who apologizes too much and then the note just ended. LOL!

9/11 A Very Special Christmas Edition with a note from Sarah voiced by Donna Valentine!

9/4 Passing Notes: Kristen’s back about a teacher voiced by Holly Roberts!

7/31 Passing Notes: Matt’s final note voice by Patrick Reusse!

7/24 Passing Notes: Julia as Mimzie

7/10 Passing Notes: Ginny’s baaaaaack!

Colleen Lindstrom voices Ginny from Chicag…but doesn’t sound like it. LOL! Be happy. You’ll hear what that means.

6/19 Passing Notes: Julia as Mimsy and Lori as Dawn!

It’s another note from Mimsy who we haven’t heard from much. Julia gets up into her high register and Lori puts on the southern charm. LOL!

6/12 Passing Notes: Something’s coming out a cat’s butt?

Donna’s back as Dawn’s friend Sarah!

This note comes with a visual aid!

6/6 Passing Notes: We meet Shannon!

Shannon, voiced by our own Ms Shannan Paul is another new character.  As she dodges “rubbers” in the classroom, she tries to bring two friends back together.

5/22 Passing Notes: we meet Chan!

Chan, voiced by Phil Mackey, is a new character to us! He’s mad Mike gets a “larger portion” of Dawn!

PJ, voiced by Bea Arthur, asks Dawn how things are going, reads some gobbledygook and says he’s having a seizure. Also, production guru Rocco has a sweet message for Bea Arthur. And we couldn’t agree more!

5/1 Passing Notes: Kiki’s back and Rocco shares a unique game of marry, date or dump?

4/24 Passing Notes: Donna’s back as Sarah and Kenny from the past sings! EPIC!!

4/17 Passing Notes: Ginny from Chicag is back!!!!

4/3 Passing Notes: Stephanie March as Ali…she’s back! Local PSA too!

3/27 Passing Notes: Slam dunk! Reusse’s back as Matt!

3/20 Passing Notes: Michelob Light memories with Rocco — a beautiful deep dive!

3/6 Passing Notes: Jason 2 wrote one letter and he’s voiced by Reuvers!

2/28 Passing Notes: Brandy voiced by Katie K-9 is back!

2/21 Passing Notes: smoking with old farm boys and Stephanie!

2/14 Passing Notes: A Valentine’s Day Special

Rocco put together a Valentine’s Day extravaganza of all the love Dawn received from ALL the boys

2/7 Passing Notes:  Ginny from Chicago is back!

1/31 Passing Notes: A Special Edition with Stephanie Hansen as Megan

1/24 Passing Notes:  The best of Bradley as Josh

A collection of all  the weird, horny, douchey things that Josh wrote Dawn when she was a Freshman! (and a Mark email, too)

1/17 Passing Notes: Dawn is voiced by Mystery Guests Jen and Lisa

Jen and Lisa read notes that Dawn wrote to other people and somehow had them back in her possession. This is a rare glimpse into the psyche of a boy crazy 16 year old girl. Beware! Not safe for prudes or kids!

12/20 Passing Notes Rob is back voiced by MC, Dawn’s Man Crush/Male Companion 

Rob was a guy that dated cute girls because he had money. Dawn really wasn’t into him. MC plays the part of Rob L

12/13 Passing Notes Jason is back voiced by Kenny the Traffic Kitty! 

Rocco and Kenny present a very special version of passing notes LIVE edition from Dawn’s high school boyfriend Jason

11/8 Passing Notes Matt’s back voiced by Patrick Reusse!

Matt’s still cranky about getting rejected by girls. Did he get someone pregnant? But he’s still interested in Dawn.

10/18 Passing Notes: boy-obsessed and medicated Megan is back!

Megan, voiced by myTalk player Stephanie Hansen, is back! Imaging Director Rocco recorded a special song just for her!

10/11 Passing Notes frenemy Keke’s back!

Dawn made brownies for naked boy, called him an ingrown butt hair and sang forever young, but Holly’s version. Keke also called Dawn a bitch, but says she’s joking…but is she? Keke’s incredible!

10/4 Passing Notes edible underwear Josh is back!

9/27 Passing Notes late 80s teenage world in one letter…with death threats!

myTalk player Elizabeth Ries plays Steph; she wrote about boys, crafting and school!

9/20 Passing Notes Ginny from Chicago is back with a theme song!

Ginny calls Dawn Mother Anna and talks about dying if she doesn’t get good grades. And she was a DJ!

9/6 Passing Notes the police came and Dawn got grounded!

We have a new character and myTalk player. Kris Lindahl plays Scott, Dawn’s first real boyfriend. The police busted a party and Dawn was grounded the entire summer! What happened and who is Hojo?

8/9 Passing Notes Dawn and Jason did not work out!

Megan (voiced by myTalk player Steph Hansen) was Dawn’s best friend. In this note, Dawn’s mom read something she shouldn’t have and boys, boys, boys.

8/2 Passing Notes Crabby Matt is back!

Dawn wrote Matt (voiced by Patrick Reusse) back! And he was not happy. He brought on the shade over and over again!

7/26 Passing Notes Doing The Butt

myTalk player Stephanie March plays Ali; she wrote Dawn with a tip about how to be popular.

7/12 Passing Notes Cowabunga!

Michael (myTalk player Steve Patterson) wrote Dawn about her frenemy Kristen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Go ninja go ninja go!

6/28 EPIC Passing Notes Choose Your Own Adventure Edition!

So EPIC Imaging Director and Passing Notes producer Rocco Bonello joined us to run the board! What are Dawn and her friends up to in junior high? What did her notes reveal? Get ready to pee your pants LOL!

6/21 Passing Notes basketball player Colleen gives boy advice

And new myTalk player Stephanie Shimp voices Colleen in today’s note from Dawn’s middle and high school years.

6/14 Passing Notes frenemy Kristen is back and ready to party

Voiced by myTalk player Holly Roberts, Kristen (AKA Kiki) wants to party and boy talk. Who is Enid?

6/7 Passing Notes suck for a buck!

Dawn saved all of the letters her friends sent through middle and high school. In this one, Steph (voiced by myTalk player Elizabeth Ries) has a lot going on and a fun cameo!

5/31 Passing Notes Steph March voiced Ali; she’s having a bad day

Kelly’s mad, Ali’s mad, she’s yelled at a teacher…so much! Another note Dawn saved from high school in Passing Notes!

5/24 Passing Notes KSTP’s Chris Egert reads Mark S’ note!

Mark S. needs to get Dawn off his back! It was a quick to the point letter — so quick Jason almost choked on an egg!

5/17 Passing Notes new myTalk player “Heather!”

And it’s a blast from myTalk morning show history Margery Punnett playing Heather! These are real letters Dawn received in high school!

5/3 Passing Notes a note from an “old friend”

It’s Kenny (our Traffic Kitty!) voicing Jason one of Dawn’s boyfriends…but can’t spell very well. Also, runny egg talk.

4/26 Passing Notes MAX! MIX! from one a frenemy

myTalk player Holly plays Kristen, one of Dawn’s frenemies. MAX! MIX! Huh? What’s with 21-year-old guys going to prom with high school students?

4/12 Passing Notes French lessons with Sarah and Rocco!

Sarah’s (Donna Valentine) letter to Dawn included some French, tanning lotion and prom! This is fantastic — must listen!

4/5 Passing Notes Dawn broke Matt’s heart and Patrick Reusse!!!!

Dawn’s a sophomore in this letter. She just broke up with Jason. Matt wants to step in, but is he more her Ducky? Patrick Reusse voices Matt LOL!

3/29 Passing Notes Meg B note within a note and Bill Cosby?

PLUS animal dissection and her class schedule.

3/22 Passing Notes Sarah thinks Johnny Depp is ugly, comics and perms

Sarah (voiced by Elizabeth Ries) didn’t think Johnny Depp was hot in 1987?! Rocco did a serious deep dive into the magazine and comic she mentioned in her letter.

3/15 Passing Notes just 4 lines…so many questions!

We have a new friend and a new myTalk player reading a note Dawn saved from her teenage years. The note was short, but what is going on?!

3/1 Passing Notes Michael wants the humpty

Or is the 185? Michael was one of Dawn’s boyfriends. Here’s one of his notes Dawn saved.

2/22 Passing Notes guys, guys & more hot guys! She’s a tuls! 

We have a new myTalk player voicing Megan! What’s shaking, Dawn and who is Ybrik and Yllek?

2/15 Passing Notes a new myTalk player!

We have a new myTalk player voicing one of Dawn’s friends from high school. Her note was very script-y.

2/8 Passing Notes camping leads to pregnancy and AIDS?

Say what? Sarah (voiced by myTalk player Donna Valentine) questions if they should go camping with two boys. And someone pulled off their principal’s (a nun) habit! THIS NOTE IS EPIC!

2/1/19 It’s Ladies Pay All dance! Meet Dawn’s date

It’s Ladies Pay All dance and Dawn’s date, Chris, wants to get trashed! And we have a new myTalk player voices Chris’ note.

1/18/19 New unnamed character with one epic note!

myTalk player Colleen Lindstrom previously Ginny from Chicago is now an unnamed older cheerleader who wrote Dawn just one epic note. Whoopie Twanger! What’s that?

1/11/19 Praying for boobies!

Why did Dawn whisper “killer jiggers” to her friend Sarah? This week’s Passing Notes explains. LOL!

12/14/18 Sarah (voiced by Donna Valentine) is back! 

And she dropped some curse words LOL!

12/7/18 new character alert: popular & pretty Kristen

We have a new character and a new myTalk player!

11/30/18 our boss Bea Arthur is back as PJ

PJ was Dawn’s Ducky. Why do all the jocks get the girls?

11/9/18 Ginny from Chicago is back!

Yay! Hello buddy!

11/2/18 Our boss Bea Arthur plays a teenage skater boy! 

His name is PJ and he’s lusting over a not-so-good friend of Dawn’s. Plus Dawn shared what happened at her junior prom. Who needs enemies with friends like that?

10/26/18 Passing Notes red ink, blue ink, yellow ink +

LOL! A colorful note and a new guy named Mark.

10/12/18 Passing Notes Micah isn’t driving Dawn to school anymore

Plus boyfriend Josh wants to know her schedule and invite her to a party. Real letters Dawn saved from her teenage years read by myTalk players; this time Bradley and Marley!

9/28/18 Passing Notes Jason’s love and Josh makes fun of Colleen

myTalk players read real letters to teenage Dawn; this time Jason declares his love once again (with his usual spelling errors) and Josh, voiced by Bradley, makes from of Colleen.

9/21/18 Passing Notes Ginny from Chicago’s back (and sounding as Fargo as ever) and a new boy!

9/14/18 Passing Notes So You Think You Can Mimsy? We’re looking for another Mimsy…could it be Joe Soucheray? 

9/7 Passing Notes Jason lusting for Dawn and introducing Mimzie!

There’s a new myTalker player voicing Mimzie! And Jason is back lusting for Dawn longing to see her. LOL!

8/17 Dawn’s boyfriend Michael and Ginny from Chicago’s back! 

To Dawn. Hello Buddy! Dawn’s boyfriend is ready to party and Ginny from Chicago wants to work out with her.

8/10 Sarah and introducing Dawn’s boyfriend Michael!

In today’s edition of Passing Notes, Dawn’s friend Sarah is sick of the two-faced biatches at school. And introducing Dawn’s boyfriend Michael! Wait to you hear which myTalk players voiced these two gems.

8/3 Boy’s imagination

What’s on Dawn’s boyfriend Jason’s mind and Sarah questions whether Dawn is telling another friend what she’s telling her.

7/27 Ginny from Chicago LOL! 

Josh is still lusting after Dawn and her “exotic” friend Ginny from Chicago has some cheerleading advice.

7/13 Biology lesson and ouija board!

“Oh, and that new show…Roseanne! It’s so funny.” Dawn’s boyfriend Josh thinks she needs a biology lesson. And Steph refers to “Dorothy” a spirit they try to ready on the ouija board.

7/6/18 Dawn’s boyfriend got her edible underwear

6/29 Passing Notes debut!

In its first episode, a boyfriend writes about his desire to see her and a girlfriend is looking for friendship advice.


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