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Pedro Pascal ‘humbled’ and ‘shocked’ by road rage incident

PaleyFest LA 2023: 'The Mandalorian'
Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal was involved in a road rage incident after he cut someone off in traffic.

During Variety’s Actors on Actors series with Steven Yeun, The Last of Us star recounted an altercation he had on the road the previous day.

“Yesterday was a day. It was my fault,” Pedro said in the interview. “I’ve had three incidents, and they’ve all been my fault.”

Though he specified experiencing three “incidents”, The Mandalorian actor remembered one in particular that left him thinking.

“I cut somebody off, and I look over, and there’s a big glob of saliva – like visual effects put it there, man – just dripping down the side of the passenger window. And my sister was like, ‘F**k!'” he said. “I was in shock. It didn’t trigger any rage out of me.”

Pedro continued, “It absolutely humbled me and shocked me, scared me a little bit, disturbed me… They want me to drink in their saliva. It made me feel guilty. I was like, ‘Gosh, people are going through s**t.'”

Steven’s new TV show, Beef, follows two people after they are involved in a road rage incident.

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