People says ‘nothing to see here,’ regarding Richard Simmons!
Bradley Traynor

People says ‘nothing to see here,’ regarding Richard Simmons!

People is putting the mysteriously disappearing fitness guru Richard Simmons on the cover of their latest issue.

And they seem to want you to believe there’s nothing really out of the ordinary with Richard.

“He’s doing exactly what he wants to do,” his older brother Lenny Simmons, 70, tells PEOPLE of his brother, who has not been seen in public since 2014. “It’s not like he’s sitting around doing absolutely nothing and staring into empty space, because that’s not him.”

Instead of teaching workout classes and making public appearances, Richard’s new life is now devoted to simpler joys.

“I know he reads, I know he watches TV, I know he rests. I presume he exercises because he looks good,” says Lenny. “He loves his birds and his garden. He has a lot of hummingbirds that he feeds — he has hundreds of them. He helps cook — he’s always been a good cook.”

I’m not buying it. There’s nothing new in any of the coverage People claims to have and, frankly, we still haven’t seen or heard from Richard himself.

For that matter, the one guy who was out there trying to find out what happened to Richard is now missing HIMSELF!

Call me Captain Conspiracy, but I think there’s a bigger story here waiting to be told.



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