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Pete Davidson calls Staten Island Ferry purchase a ‘lifelong problem’

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Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson shared an update on his acquisition of a Staten Island ferry.

The King of Staten Island star and Saturday Night Live alum Colin Jost bought the decommissioned vessel via auction in January 2022 for $280,100 (£220,687).

Before he entered rehab last week over mental health concerns, Colin’s co-star Pete made an appearance on the Family Trips podcast where he jokingly referred to the purchase as a “lifelong problem”.

“Colin called me and he’s like, ‘Hey, can you hop on this call about the ferry?’ And I was like, ‘We’re still doing that thing?!'” the 29-year-old Bupkis star told host Seth Meyers. “He’s like, ‘Yeah. This is pretty serious.’ And it is. I had no idea. I saw a link and sent a deposit and now I’m stuck with a f**king boat. It’s really funny, dude… It’s kinda funny that this will be a lifelong problem for me and Colin.”

The comedian then revealed his and Colin’s plans for the vessel, but noted that the project was still “five years away” from completion.

“We want to be able to dock it from April to September, maybe October, in New York and it will be like a restaurant,” Pete explained. “There will be a concert venue. There will be a movie theatre, upstairs like, sort of, restaurant area. And then there’s hotels in it. So, we’ll have a couple of those. And then in the winter tug it to Miami.”

When Seth remarked, “So, you’ve thought this through,” the Meet Cute star quipped, “Yeah, we have to ’cause we’re in the hole!”

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