Phil Collins is a musical genius
Colleen Lindstrom

Phil Collins is a musical genius

Nobody is more excited about Phil Collins coming out of retirement than I am.

Two years ago I tweeted:

And just a few short months later, I tweeted:

As you can see, my deep abiding love of the music of Phil Collins predates his announcement that he will come out of retirement.

And with this announcements, dissenters have emerged, trying to rob the world of the gift of Phil Collins music.

Beautiful music like this:

These awful naysayers have launched a petition to keep Collins in retirement. Why? Because “there is far too much suffering in the world as it is.”

Do you call this suffering?

So, I encourage, beg, and implore you to stop these evildoers who are trying to silence Phil Collins, by signing this other petition to stop the petition and support the wonderful Phil Collins. It needs our support.




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