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Pink explains why she performs aerial stunts during her shows

Pink Performs At The University Of Bolton Stadium

Pink has explained why she performs aerial stunts during her shows.

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the So What hitmaker revealed that she began doing her trademark aerial stunts as part of her performances to tackle her fear of heights.

“Absolutely,” the 44-year-old singer said when asked if she gets scared during the stunts. “That’s why I started doing it – because I’m afraid of heights, and I don’t want to be afraid.”

The Lady Marmalade singer added, “I’ve been in some situations that don’t feel good. I wonder every night if my bungees are gonna work. But it’s a cool way to go if they don’t.”

Throughout Pink’s 2023 tours, she has been hoisted into the sky by bungee ropes to do a series of aerial stunts, which she has become known for throughout her award-winning career.

Elsewhere in the interview, Pink was asked whether her kids, Willow, 12, and Jameson, six, ask her to forgo the tricks.

“Maybe my son a little bit, but he’s just little. They’ve got Carey Hart blood in them. I mean, he’s worse,” she said, referring to her husband’s former career as a motorcycle racer and freestyle motocross competitor.

She concluded her Summer Carnival tour in August and kicked off her Trustfall trek in Sacramento, California on 12 October.

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