Please don’t go, Roat Osha!
Marley McMillan

Please don’t go, Roat Osha!


According to a new report, my favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities (other than our work cafeteria ;)) might be closing: Roat Osha.


(A bunch of the crying emoji faces go here)

Roat Osha is a Thai restaurant on Hennepin Avenue in uptown, and it has been my home for go-to dinners, drinks and appetizers for the past few years! I love this place because the people who work there seem to love working there — many have worked there for 5+ years — and they are so friendly, the bar has a great atmosphere and the food is exceptional.

Supposedly a Walgreens wants to buy their space for a new store and drive-thru pharmacy. Hey! I love Walgreens…. but I like cream cheese wontons better 🙂

Roat Osha may close and re-open elsewhere… but maybe not.

I hope they do! But I also hope they don’t close in the first place. I’m hoping someone hears my plea!

What’s your favorite restaurant, or has your favorite place ever closed?

And if you’ve never tried Roat Osha, check it out!!!!





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