The Plot Thickens with Chris Brown accuser
Colleen Lindstrom

The Plot Thickens with Chris Brown accuser

After the strange events of yesterday’s Chris Brown stand off, we are learning more about the beauty queen whose accusation triggered the entire ordeal.

Following a police report from an uninvited guest at Chris Brown’s home, Baylee Curran claimed that Chris Brown pointed a gun at her when he demanded that she leave his home. The SWAT team descended upon the singers home while Brown refused to come out for hours resulting in a morning long negotiation and stand off while the LAPD waited for Chris Brown to surrender. That is most definitely the Cliff’s Notes version of the story.

TMZ has uncovered some interesting details about the accuser. It turns out that Baylee Curran is a suspect in a Grand Larceny investigation in NYC. In 2013 she allegedly snatched a Louis Vuitton purse from an acquaintance and made off with the contents including money and a Michael Kors wallet. The victim later filed a restraining order against Baylee Curran according to TMZ.

TMZ opines that this might become an issue during the Chris Brown investigation as Baylee Curran claims that the incident began with her admiring some jewelry at Chris Brown’s estate.

I have a feeling that as the hours and days pass, we’ll learn more and more about what may have triggered this bizarre event Tuesday.




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