Best To The Nest

When Elizabeth Ries and Margery Punnett hosted a myTalk 107.1 radio show together, they joked that their most personal conversations happened during the commercial breaks. During one of these pauses, Margery shared an important family principle: bringing your best self to your home. Being an urban farmer with a flock of chickens, Elizabeth quipped, "Bring your best to the nest!" The outside world shouldn't get the smiling happy version of you while your family gets the crabby and exhausted one. On "Best To The Nest," Margery & Elizabeth explore the simple concept of creating strong, comforting, beautiful nests that prepare us to fly.

Latest Episodes

EP. 254 The Nest: Too Soon?

Okay, okay, okay. We’re sorry to say, it’s time to talk about back-to-school. Share your great back-to-school traditions with us @besttothenest on facebook, twitter or instagram #besttothenest.  The Nest is…

EP. 252 The Nest: From the Grillmaster

A couple of suggestions for the last half of summer:   Bearded Butcher Seasonings   Flat Top Grill   Green Egg   Lodge Cast Iron  

EP. 250 The Nest: July Love List

Savor every summer day with the things you love. Here’s our list:   Willows Coffee   Coffee Rio   Coral Sun Call My Agent! Netflix Show   Camille Cottin  

EP. 249 Best To The Nest: Yay Team!

How do you build your health care team and who should be on it? This is a conversation we should have had ages ago. We love that we are having…

EP. 248 The Nest: July Watch, Read, Listen

Dig in everybody!!! Watch: The Little Things/Amazon Prime or HBO Max   the goop lab  The Mitchells vs. the Machines   Read: Eleanor   Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal   Listening: The…

EP. 247 Best To The Nest: Work Problem

What boundaries are you setting at work? Or at home? Tennis player Naomi Osaka sent a powerful message to the world when she was willing to walk away from the…

EP. 246 The Nest: Best of The Nest (Replay)

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your families and create some delicious food memories.  The Nest is our mini-sode all about the delightful and delicious things that make our homes just…