Bradley & Dawn

The Adventures of Bradley & Dawn is Bradley Traynor and Dawn McClain – together for the first time on a new show! Bradley was the cohost of the Colleen & Bradley Show for 10 years. Brad has a partner named Jamie, big love for his dog Weezie, going on cruises, and working out. He eats a lot of food – all the time – but it’s healthy, stinky food. He’s weird like that. Dawn did many years as the producer of Jason & Alexis in the Morning. She’ll miss J&A, but she will not miss getting up at 3:30am. Dawn has an adult daughter that she adores, ghosts that she hunts (fer real) and a significant other she calls “MC”.

Latest Episodes

02/01 Wed Hr 3: What do you REALLY want for Valentines Day?

What do you REALLY want for Valentines Day? Bradley and Dawn discuss the Mytalk Awards and think they are coaching Mike for tomorrow’s morning show appearance, but he is already WAY ahead of them; Britney responds to Alyssa Milano’s “concerned” tweet from December; Game Show Roulette: Press Your Luck Day 2!