Go Deep In The Shallow

myTalk 107.1 hosts and Pop Culture Detectives Colleen Lindstrom and Bradley Traynor solve the mysteries, uncover the fakery and expose the lies behind pop culture and the celebrity machine in Hollywood.

Join them as they go deep in the shallow!

Latest Episodes

Stormy Daniels & Sidney Leathers and More! – Season 2 Ep7

More clients that work with Gina Rodriguez. Find out how Gina fits in with Stormy Daniels, Sydney Leathers and that guy drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice on a skateboard groovin’ to Fleetwood Mac. The whole Gina R journey ends with Colleen and Bradley’s thoughts on this season of Go Deep in the Shallow.

Michael and Dina Lohan – Lindsay Lohan’s Dysfunctional D-List Parents – Season 2 – Ep6

In this episode of Go Deep in the Shallow Colleen and Bradley dive into Lindsay Lohan’s parents-turned-reality-stars Michael and Dina Lohan. Oh – there’s also Michael’s OTHER ex-wife, Kate Major who brings more drama. All of these peeps are represented by – you guessed it – Gina Rodriguez. Learn all about the dysfunction and fame in this episode.

Teen Mom – Farrah Abraham Can’t Get Out of Her Own Way – Gina Rodriguez Season 2 – Ep4

Season 2 is all about Viral D-List Star Manager, Gina Rodriguez. Farrah Abraham shot to fame on “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” and was also managed by Gina Rodriguez. Find out all about her wild-child ways and turbulent relationship with Gina Rodriguez. In this podcast series, Colleen and Bradley Go Deep in the Shallow and expose what’s fake in Hollywood, Which in a word is – everything.

Octomom – Hella Lot of Kids and Gina Rodriguez – Season 2 – Ep3

Nadya Suleman – Octomom – became an internet sensation when she gave birth to eight babies in 2009 . She hooked up with Gina Rodriguez and lived the “Gina Rodriguez” formula until the relationship soured. Colleen and Bradley tell you about their experience with Nadya – and the influence and fallout with Gina. Coleen and Bradley are pop-culture detectives who go DEEP into and reveal the truth that Hollywood doesn’t want you to know. Hollywood is “where nothing is real and everyone smokes” as we say. Find out the truth about Tan Mom, OctoMom and other real world people turned side shows on this season of Go Deep in the Shallow. Find us wherever you get your podcasts and mytalk1071.com under The Colleen and Bradley Show – an everything from myTalk 107.1 on FB, Instagram and Twitter.

Episode 7: Dr. Phil Wants Your Money

Is Dr. Phil even a doctor? Not any more. Does he care about your (or anyone’s) mental health? Probably not. He cared a lot about free publicity and made Britney…

Episode 6: Dr. Oz is Quacky

Junk science is Dr. Oz’ specialty. His celebrity was created by Oprah and he financially benefits from some of his “miracle cure” claims for things like the common cold and…

Episode 5: Goop is Stoop But Makes Lots of Loot

Should you put a jade egg in your whooha? Gwnyeth Paltrow says yes…and pioneered the business of making stuff up and selling it to people who don’t know they need…