Jason & Alexis

Jason Matheson grew up on television, and his love for ‘80s soap “Dallas” and Disney World just may rival that for his husband and two dogs. His crafty counterpart Alexis Thompson spends her time knitting and collecting creepy antique dolls. With her edgy high school diaries and dream interpretation, producer Dawn McClain is there to call it like it is with a southern drawl. 10 years running, “Jason & Alexis in the Morning” can be heard weekdays 6-9 am CST on myTalk 107.1 FM radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Latest Episodes

5/22 Should The State Fair Open?

The show does a round robin about the idea of the State Fair opening. The State Fair Board will be meeting today about what to do about the Fair .

5/21 THURS HOUR 2: The Masked Singer finale

Everything that’s happening is very overwhelming with how to move forward during this pandemic. Jason tours The Dayton Project and a fun game of Would You Rather!

5/18 TUES HOUR 3: Dead to Me

We shared some good news in this Coronavirus world: handwashing stations for homeless, an adoption parade and free graduation cakes from a bakery in Red Wing, MN.

Latest Posts

Jason and Alexis: Your entertainment bubble is not other's reality

In a new article written by Seth MacFarlane, he says “critics keep misreading popular culture and writing off things that their audiences love.” Jason recounted that critics think that their...

Jason and Alexis show links -- Tuesday 1/18!

TUESDAY 1/18! Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal is fantastic! Check out this front row POV! Hagrid’s Motorbike ride at Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is magically fun!...

Jason and Alexis: Jason's Snorkeling Adventure

Jason went snorkeling in Hawaii after an undersea volcano had exploded in tsunami water conditions. That made him very nervous, and he has some distress with the large waves.

Jason and Alexis show links -- Monday 1/17!

MONDAY 1/17! #BettyWhiteChallenge! We love Canine Inspired Change! Valentines for Liz and Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly friends — send by Feb 8 Jason and Alexis Show 3415 University...

Jason and Alexis: Kenny binged 5 episodes of 'Only Murders in the Building'

Kenny took our advice and watched 5 episodes of “Only Murders In the Building” on Hulu. We couldn’t really tell if he liked it, but obviously he did since he...