Two Fairy Godfathers

You don't have to be a kid to feel the magic of Walt Disney World. Hosts Jason Matheson & Collin Matheson share their love and tricks for enjoying the most magical place on earth as grown-ups. Where to go, what to do, what to avoid and most importantly... what not to do. These guys will be your Two Fairy Godfathers.

Latest Episodes

EPISODE 53: Goodbye Fastpass+, Hello Genie+!

Our third season begins with a new format — giving you an unedited and unfiltered take on the latest changes to Walt Disney World. Our first subject? What is Genie+…

EPISODE 51: Disney Parks Close Indefinitely

Jason & Collin describe the atmosphere during the last week Disney World was open before closing for Coronavirus. Plus, did Disney do the right thing staying open that last weekend?…

EPISODE 50: What to pack for Disney

From sunglasses to reusable straws to ponchos and chargers — what should you pack for your Disney adventure? The Fairies have their list.

EPISODE 48: Jason's Trip to Disneyland

Jason is flying Han Solo this week on the show (you’ll find out why). This week, it’s all about the original. Jason takes a trip to Disneyland and experiences Rise…

EPISODE 46: Latest Disney World News

From new rides at Hollywood Studios to a new beer extravaganza at Disney Springs, the Fairies give their take on all the breaking news from WDW.

EPISODE 45: Disney World vs. Universal

The Fairies look at a few differences between Walt Disney World and Universal in Orlando; from ticketing, to guest interactions, to their “express” pass system. What’s better?