You Get a Rose

Can't get enough of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise? Neither can Hannah W. Every week she'll be joined by one of her funny and Bachelor-obsessed friends to recap the drama, the romance, and the WTF moments from the latest episodes. A Bachelor and Bachelorette podcast from myTalk 107.1.

Latest Episodes

The Bachelor | Matt | Finale

What a season! Today Hannah and J. discuss the shocking season finale as well as the After the Final Rose special. The two have plenty of thoughts on Matt’s final…

The Bachelor | Matt | Week 10

Can you believe we’ve already made it to Fantasy Suites week? What a rollercoaster this season has been. Today Hannah W. and J. recap yesterday’s episode which began with a…

The Bachelor | Matt | Week 9

What did you all think of Women Tell All last night? Hannah W. and J. think that it left a bit to be desired. Join them as they share their…

The Bachelor | Matt| Week 8

This week we saw the franchise’s second COVID Hometown week and boy, were these dates all over the map! Join Hannah and J. as they try to figure out why…

The Bachelor | Matt | Week 6

The drama was not in short order this week! First up, there was MJ vs. Jessenia. Then we watched as Serena C. and Katie squared off. Join Hannah and J….

The Bachelor | Matt | Week 5

This week Hannah and J. discuss the way Matt addresses the bullying in the house, his budding relationship with Rachael, and the theatrical exit of our beloved Victoria.

The Bachelor | Matt | Week 4

This week five NEW women are brought onto the show. Five. Listen as Hannah and J. discuss the new arrivals, which includes a new hometown favorite of theirs, and as…

The Bachelor | Matt | Week 3

Welcome to the Sarah Show! This week Hannah and J. discuss the erotica fiction writing group date, Victoria’s evolving role on the show, and the circumstances surrounding Sarah’s dramatic exit.

The Bachelor | Matt | Week 2

Hannah and J. recap week 2 of Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. It included a wedding dress group date with way too many women, drama with villain/plant Victoria, and…