Pretty sure my mom is OK after Irma!
Bradley Traynor

Pretty sure my mom is OK after Irma!

You don’t realize how terrifying a hurricane can be until it affects you or your loved ones directly.

I’ve experienced a mild hurricane before, having lived part of my childhood in Texas.

As has my mother, who recently moved to Naples. So she, along with basically everyone in Florida, witnessed Hurricane Irma coming ashore Sunday.

Mom and her hubby decided to stay in their home (which thankfully is only a couple years old and has some pretty solid hurricane proofing).

They had a backup plan, should conditions worsen. Ultimately, they stayed in their home and rode out the storm there.

I kept in phone/text contact with mom throughout the day Sunday.

Thankfully CNN was broadcasting live from Naples as the storm came ashore, so I was able to see what my family was going through just a few miles away.

Still, can we say STRESSFUL!?

After the brunt of the storm passed Sunday evening, I got a text from mom saying they were OK and not worried about flooding. They did lose power, though, pretty early on.

As of Monday morning, I still haven’t heard from them. Hoping they’re just trying to save their phone batteries for emergencies.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by Irma. There are a lot of people far worse off with far fewer resources than my folks.

Here’s hoping everyone gets the help they need as quickly as possible.

UPDATE: She called this afternoon and they still don’t have power, but are ok. And there was no structural damage to their home. Phew!

Here’s a video my mom sent just about an hour and a half before the hurricane’s eye wall arrived:



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