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Prince Albert assures fans Princess Charlene is ‘ready to come home’

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Princess Charlene

Prince Albert of Monaco has assured fans his wife Princess Charlene is “ready to come home” after undergoing surgery.

The 43-year-old royal has been staying in South Africa since May, sparking rumours that there was trouble in her marriage to the 63-year-old prince. However, Albert has cleared the air after coming home from visiting his ailing wife.

In a new interview with People, it was revealed that Charlene is living in South Africa due to a “series of medical procedures intended to correct a previous ENT surgery and combat the infection she developed after the procedure.”

Since recovering, the royal said his wife is “ready to come home,” though the exact timing of her arrival depends “on what her doctors say.”

“I know she’s said possibly ‘late October,’ but that was before this most recent round of appointments,” he added. “I’m pretty sure we can cut that time frame a little short. She’s ready. She’s jokingly said that she’s ready to stowaway on a ship to come back to Europe.”

The reunion trip marked the first time the former Olympic swimmer was able to see her six-year-old twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, since June.

“Of course she was delighted to see us and to spend time with the kids,” Albert concluded.

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