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Prince Harry asked to see ‘secret government file’ about Princess Diana’s death

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry once requested to view a “secret government file” about Princess Diana’s death.

During an interview for ITV to promote his new memoir Spare, the British royal described how he experienced a “post-traumatic stress injury” following his mother’s sudden passing in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

In addition, Harry recalled how, at an undisclosed time, he requested that his then-private secretary Jamie show him the file, which included photos of Diana at the scene.

“I’d heard people talking about there being photographs. By this point, I was starting to understand the involvement of the paparazzi chasing her,” he said. “And to this day, I will remain eternally grateful for Jamie for showing me what he believed I needed to see, but removing the stuff that he knew I didn’t need to see.”

Harry went on to note that he believes “there’s a lot of things that are unexplained” about the car crash, and when he was in his twenties, he actually drove through the tunnel at speed.

He insisted the location posed “no danger of anybody losing control even after a drink or a couple of drinks”.

“(It is) almost physically impossible to lose control of a vehicle unless you are completely blinded at the wheel,” the 38-year-old commented, implying the presence of paparazzi was a a factor in the accident. “The people that were predominantly responsible for it, all got away with it.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Harry recounted how he and his brother Prince William were once told that the events that led to the car crash were “like a bicycle chain”.

“If you remove just one of those links from the chain, the end result doesn’t happen,” he stated.

In 2008, an inquest concluded Diana had been unlawfully killed by the “grossly negligent driving” of driver Henri Paul and the “following vehicles” of the paparazzi.

Representatives for Buckingham Palace have not yet commented on the claims.

Spare will be available to purchase from Tuesday.

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