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Prince Harry drove through tunnel where Princess Diana died

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry once visited the site of his mother Princess Diana’s death.

In an excerpt of his upcoming memoir Spare obtained by People, the Duke of Sussex shared having driven through the tunnel where his mother Princess Diana died.

While attending the 2007 Rugby World Cup semi-final in Paris, the 23-year-old Prince Harry asked a driver to take him to Pont de l’Alma, where Princess Diana had died 10 years prior.

“The World Cup provided me with a driver, and on my first night in the City of Light I asked him if he knew the tunnel where my mother…,” he wrote. “I watched his eyes in the rearview, growing large.”

Harry recalled saying, “I want to go through it… At sixty-five miles per hour – to be precise,” and explained that the request matched “the exact speed Mummy’s car had supposedly been driving, according to police, at the time of the crash. Not 120 miles per hour, as the press originally reported.”

He continued, “Off we went, weaving through traffic, cruising past the Ritz, where Mummy had her last meal, with her boyfriend, that August night. Then we came to the mouth of the tunnel.

“We zipped ahead, went over the lip at the tunnel’s entrance, the bump that supposedly sent Mummy’s Mercedes veering off course. But the lip was nothing. We barely felt it.”

At the time, Harry asked, “Is that all of it? It’s… nothing. Just a straight tunnel,” adding, “No reason anyone should ever die inside it.”

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