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Prince Harry tells bereaved children of military members they ‘share a bond’

Duke and Duchess of Sussex Sighting in NYC
Duke Of Sussex

Prince Harry has penned a letter to the children of Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

In honour of Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom on Sunday, Prince Harry wrote a message to children who had lost parents that were members of the armed services.

The organisation supports bereaved children of military families, and was one of the seven charities that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recommended well-wishers donate to for their wedding.

Harry wrote the children of Scotty’s Little Soldiers were “all in my thoughts and heart today”, on the holiday remembering those who had served in the military under the Commonwealth.

“We share a bond even without ever meeting one another,” he continued, referencing losing his mother Princess Diana when he was 12 years old. “I know first-hand the pain and grief that comes with loss and want you to know that you are not alone. While difficult feelings will come up today as we pay tribute to heroes like your mum and dad, I hope you can find comfort and strength in knowing that their love for you lives and shines on.”

The late Princess Diana died in a 1997 fatal car crash in Paris while the driver was fleeing the paparazzi. The crash also resulted in the deaths of her companion Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul.

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