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Prince Harry’s ghostwriter dismisses rumour they met through George Clooney

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s ghostwriter has dismissed a rumour that they met through George Clooney.

The man who helped write the Duke of Sussex’s memoir Spare, J. R. Moehringer, told The New Yorker in a piece published on Monday that reports regarding his and Harry’s introduction were incorrect.

“The genesis of my relationship with Harry was constantly misreported. Harry and I were introduced by George Clooney, the British newspapers proclaimed, even though I’ve never met George Clooney,” Moehringer’s piece read. “Yes, he was directing a film based on my memoir, but I’ve never been in the man’s presence, never communicated with him in any way.”

The Guardian and The BBC both reported that George introduced Harry to the writer after working on the 2021 film based on Moehringer’s life, The Tender Bar.

Elsewhere in his piece, Moehringer addressed a line about Harry losing his virginity.

“A Madrid bookshop reportedly put embargoed copies of the Spanish version on its shelves, ‘by accident,’ and reporters descended. In no time, Fleet Street had assembled crews of translators to reverse-engineer the book from Spanish to English, and with so many translators working on tight deadline the results read like bad Borat,” he wrote. “I can assert with one-hundred-per-cent confidence that no one gets ‘mounted,’ quickly or otherwise, in Spare.”

Harry’s memoir was released in January.

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