Project Down and Dirty: Zookeeper

PD&D - Our hosts will live in a zoo

Yep. That sounds about right.

Project Down & Dirty is a reality show on the radio in its 7th exciting year on myTalk 107.1!

This year the myTalk hosts will care for and feed wild animals at the Minnesota Zoo in Project Down & Dirty Zookeeper!

PD&D - On-Sale Ticket Information

The Zookeeper After Party – meet and chat with ALL the myTalk 107.1 hosts!! It’s not a gala – it’s a BASH! No dress up clothes – just fun! You’ll chill with the sharks and stingrays in Discovery Bay and enjoy the Gourmet Mac and Cheese Bar, The Street Taco Bar, The Ice Cream Sundae Bar and more! Friday Night October 13th at the Minnesota Zoo from 7pm – 10pm in Discovery Bay. Tickets are $100. Dress code is creature casual.

Purchase After Party Tickets

The Reunion Show will take place at the Target Learning Center on Friday October 13th from 4pm – 6pm. Ticket price is $40 and includes an admission ticket into the zoo for the day (note Zoo hours are 9am – 4pm).

Reunion Show and After Party Presented by

Rosedale Center


We have watched along with you the devastation and unfolding humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

We have added a matching fund for Hurricane Maria victims during Project Down & Dirty. We will match every dollar you donate to our wildlife charities to the Red Cross for Puerto Rico.
David at First Equity Mortgage has donated $5,000 and myTalk will kick in another $5,000 – for a total of $10,000 in matching funds.

Thank you as always for your amazing heart and generosity.

Jason and Alexis “Tupi” a lesser anteater
Donna and Marley “Nino” an armadillo
Colleen and Bradley “Piglet” a Hog Island Boa Constrictor
Lori and Julia “Rose” a baby North American porcupine


Poject Down and Dirty: Zookeeper Auction

myTalk 107.1 Project Down & Dirty Zookeeper is taking place to help 4 different well-deserving charities. The myTalk Zookeepers shouldn’t be the only ones having all the fun! We’ve put together a variety of unique experiences and items that we will be auctioning off in support of our charity partners. Tune in Thursday, October 12 and Friday, October 13 for your chance to bid and win these one-of-a-kind opportunities.
Items up for bid:
Thursday, October 12
8am – 9am
Feed an 800 lb. Brown Bear with Jason, Alexis & Dawn
It’s finally autumn in Minnesota and the Minnesota Zoo’s brown bears are “preparing” for winter! Join Jason, Alexis & Dawn on Friday, October 13 at 2 pm for an extra-special behind-the-scenes tour of the Zoo’s Brown Bear habitat with a zookeeper…and then head to the Bear Roof and you’ll have the opportunity to help feed these 800-pound animals! But don’t worry, these three brown bears love their treats and may even give you a “wave” hello and good bye. It’s the perfect way to wrap-up an amazing week of Project Down and Dirty: Zookeeper!

***Please note, the experience is at the Minnesota Zoo (13000 Zoo Boulevard, Apple Valley, MN 55124) and the winner will need to check in at the Zoo’s Guest Services Desk no later than 1:45 pm on Friday, October 13.***

10am – 11am
The Raptor Center will come visit your school
The Raptor Center staff and raptors travel around Minnesota and the United States, providing a unique educational experience. The program is packed with age-appropriate information that is both educational and entertaining.
2pm – 3pm
A Canoe experience with Colleen & Bradley and Wilderness Inquiry
Enjoy a 2-hour canoe experience with Colleen & Bradley led by our partners at Wilderness Inquiry. Head out with the crew to the paddle then enjoy a picnic lunch when you get out of the water.
4pm – 5pm
Tiger Cub Play Day with Lori & Julia
Not all jobs at the Minnesota Zoo are “down and dirty!” Join Lori and Julia for an adorable experience right here at the Minnesota Zoo with the Zoo’s newest Amur tiger cub, Vera! The highest bidder will have the opportunity to work with their favorite myTalk hosts on Friday, October 13 set-up a fun play day experience for the cub and her mom, Sundari, right in their habitat along the Northern Trail… don’t worry, the tigers won’t be in with you. Once you’re all finished setting up your masterpiece, head to the public viewing space and watch the tigers enjoy!

***Please note, the experience is at the Minnesota Zoo (13000 Zoo Boulevard, Apple Valley, MN 55124) and the winner will need to check in at the Zoo’s Guest Services Desk no later than 8:15 am on Friday, October 13.***

Up for bid on Friday, October 13 – Animal Art!
7am – 8am
Jason, Alexis and Dawn will autograph art created by Kenai the brown bear
9am – 10am
Donna and Marley will autograph art created by Max the shark
12pm – 1pm
Colleen, Bradley and Holly will autograph art created by Max the shark
3pm – 4pm
Lori, Julia and Donny will autograph art created by Chimba and Mindy the African crested porcupines

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