Year 11 of our reality-show-on-the-radio is…

The myTalk 107.1 hosts have run a restaurant, played rock music, performed in a musical, gone to boot camp and more!
This year they will learn to operate heavy equipment -- bulldozers, excavators, and front loaders -- to raise money for four great charities.

Tune in November 3rd-5th for the action and see us bring the “dirty” back to Project Down & Dirty!

We think you’ll dig it!

Project Down & Dirty Construction at Extreme Sandbox Minnesota.

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Jason & Alexis

Crescent Cove's mission is to offer care and support to children and young adults who have a shortened life expectancy, and to their families who love them. Crescent Cove Respite & Hospice Home for Kids is Minnesota's first and only home designed just for children and their unique needs, and just the third of its kind in the United States. A vibrant and joyful home-away-from home, their goal is to help families feel Embraced, Assured, and Celebrated.

Crescent Cove offers care and support to children and young adults with a shortened life-expectancy, and their families who love them.

The Crescent Cove Respite & Hospice Home for Kids is a vibrant and joyful home-away-from home for kids with life-threatening conditions, where each moment is embraced and celebrated. All services and stays provided at Crescent Cove to kids and families are at no out-of-pocket cost thanks to the generosity of donors who make this possible.

Learn More about Crescent Cove

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Our Jason & Alexis donation match partner

Donna & Steve

Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Since 1982, Make-A-Wish Minnesota has granted more than 6,000 wishes to create hope, strength and joy for children with critical illnesses, their families and entire communities. Research shows that a wish can help give kids the strength to fight against and even overcome a critical illness. While Make-A-Wish is a national organization, the Minnesota chapter is “small but mighty” with a staff of 20 and a core of 460 dedicated volunteers. It relies solely on charitable giving to grant wishes for Minnesota children with critical illnesses statewide.

To be eligible for a wish, a child must be diagnosed with a life–threatening medical condition, not necessarily a terminal condition. These conditions might include transplants, cystic fibrosis, genetic conditions, lung disease, cancer, sickle cell disease and many other medically complex illnesses. Wishes are granted to every child referred to us who is deemed medically eligible; they must be older than 2 ½ and younger than 18 at the time of referral. Referrals can be made by children being treated for a critical illness, parents or legal guardians, medical professionals or family members.

Learn More about Make-A-Wish Minnesota

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Colleen & Bradley

Minnesota Academy of Science is a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is committed to advancing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in Minnesota by connecting Minnesotans of all backgrounds with resources and opportunities to engage in STEM learning, research, and communication—and to recognize excellence in these areas.

STEM literacy benefits our entire community. STEM practices encourage us to ask questions, seek answers, measure results, and make evidence-based decisions. STEM education opens the door to high-wage careers and job stability. Women and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) are significantly under-represented in STEM careers. The best way to diversify the STEM career pipeline is to introduce students from these groups to meaningful and fulfilling STEM activities early on, and continue to provide STEM engagement opportunities throughout their education.

The FORSE Program stands for Fostering Opportunities & Relationships in STEM Education

This ground-breaking program works to close opportunity gaps and increase diversity in all MN STEM fields. How? By opening doors to STEM for girls and students from diverse—and too often underrepresented—populations. FORSE brings scientists and students together for mentoring and hands-on STEM learning experiences, helping young people from diverse backgrounds envision a future for themselves in STEM.

Learn More about Minnesota Academy of Science – FORSE

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Lori & Julia

Courage Kenny’s vision is to partner with all people to live, work and play to their full potential. They meet individuals where they are and help them achieve what is most important to them.

Courage Kenny has expert rehabilitation therapies and services providing coordinated care for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions to reach their highest level of independent living.

Courage Kenny provides community based services that go beyond therapy. Through Project Down & Dirty, Lori and Julia will be helping Courage Kenny raise funds for their Adaptive Sports & Recreation programs to provide accessible, affordable opportunities for individuals with disabilities that support their whole health: physically, mentally and emotionally.

These programs offer youth and adults with disabilities positive development opportunities including self-confidence, determination, resilience and persistence, critical for people of all abilities to succeed in school and life. Courage Kenny programs provide adaptive equipment and trained coaches and volunteers to ensure safe environments for participants to take healthy risks and try new things like rock climbing, swimming, or alpine skiing. As they gain new skills, they also grow more confident and more engaged in their community.

Watch Ruben's Story Here

Learn More about Courage Kenny

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