Year 12 of our reality-show-on-the-radio is…

Project Down & Dirty: Film Fest

Project Down & Dirty is myTalk 107.1’s award-winning reality-show-on-the-radio that has raised almost $900,000 for Twin Cities charities.

This year it’s….Project Down & Dirty: Film Fest!

Like MTV’s "The Real World" tagline…this year, we’ll see what happens when “people stop being polite and start getting reel."

Yes – reel.

All myTalk Hosts will work together and broadcast together WHILE each show writes, acts, shoots and produces a short comedy film.

All four films will be shown – film fest-style at two theaters at Showplace Icon Theaters at The West End on September 30th.

Every year we actually DO find out what happens when our hosts stop being polite (were they ever?) and start getting real.

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*All ticket proceeds will go to charity partners

Jason & Alexis

Twin Cities Film Fest mission: We change perspectives, transform lives, and strengthen our communities by supporting and spurring on the art of filmmaking through; exhibition, production, distribution, education, and networking.


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Donna & Steve

Face to Face works to advance economic and health equity for youth while providing support, opportunities, and access to resources as they build on their strengths and achieve their aspirations.

Vision: All youth are valued for who they are and realize their potential.

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Colleen & Bradley

Since 1993, One Heartland has been creating life-changing camp experiences for youth facing social isolation, intolerance or serious health challenges. Our camps provide a welcoming, bully-free environment where children, youth and young adults can feel completely accepted for who they are—often for the first time in their lives.

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Lori & Julia

The mission of Alexandra House is to empower victims of domestic and sexual violence, and inspire social change, through education, support, and advocacy.

Alexandra House envisions a world where violence against women and children is unacceptable.

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