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Queen Elizabeth holds virtual audiences after COVID symptoms

Britain Northern Ireland Queen Elizabeth Ii
Britains Queen Elizabeth II arrives at Stormont estate, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Wednesday, June 27, 2012. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh continued their Northern Ireland visit to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

Queen Elizabeth is on the mend!


LONDON (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II held two virtual audiences after more than a week of suffering cold-like symptoms from COVID-19.

Buckingham Palace said the 95-year-old British monarch held virtual sessions with the ambassadors of Chad and Andorra. The queen canceled several sessions last week, so the ones held Tuesday suggest she is recovering.

The monarch’s age, COVID-19 diagnosis and a health scare last year caused worry among officials and the public. The palace’s Feb. 20 announcement that Elizabeth had tested positive test for the coronavirus virus prompted concern and get-well wishes from across Britain’s political spectrum.

The palace has declined to offer day-to day commentary on the monarch’s health, citing her right to privacy. But palace officials have said that Elizabeth, who has been fully vaccinated and had a booster shot, would continue with “light” duties at Windsor Castle.